New Money

The Greatest Wealth Creation Event in History


I spent 35 years on Wall Street. I totally agree, we are looking at the biggest story in my investing lifetime that began as a rookie broker in 1964
Jack T

A complete reversal of what I thought about China. People really need to sit up and take notice about what is going on in China and take the investment opportunities being offered seriously.
Douglas R.

It is abundantly clear that the Chinese are absolutely hungry for trade and growth and they exhibit a pace which equivalent businesses in the West simply do not understand.
Alasdair C...

I would like to thank you for bringing this magnificent story to the American people. I can't wait to see my investments in China grow in the next several years.
Jorge F.

I really enjoyed your documentary on China. It was a well-produced account of a nation about which we are dismally uninformed, and it certainly shed light on the immense advances in technology that China has achieved.
Dr. David M

Congratulations on this great insight about the future of the Chinese economy. Thank you for showing what’s going on over there since personally, even though I’m pretty well informed and connected, was not aware of many of the details you’ve shared. Keep it up with the good work.
Jorge V.

I just watched the movie and it was spectacular. Thank you for making me see the future in China and the wonder of opportunities investors will have for the future. Truly amazing growth.
Ron H.

Excellent work. The transformation in China is astounding. Excited about catching this big wave to huge profits to take me into retirement.
Robert C.

GREAT movie. Thanks for taking me to China. Great coverage.
Ray S.

The New Money movie was fantastic!!!! I consider myself an informed investor and in tune with what is happening globally, but you took that knowledge to a new level with this movie.
Jon T.

I just finished watching the movie. It was great, and a real eye-opener.
Tom C.

Loved it — very professional and succinct. Will increase my holdings and get my children into Chinese stocks. Been following Steve Sjuggerud since he released his True Wealth Opportunities: China product. He is a brilliant communicator and all-around excellent character.
Pat K.

This movie was a revelation.
Pamela K.

The movie was fascinating - China has grown into such a dynamic powerhouse. I’ve never thought about going to China so this brings everything into focus. It’s given me more confidence in my investment strategies with China. Thank you for all you do.
Greg K.

It was awesome.
Todd B.

Loved this movie!
Sam S.

Very informative. The last time I visited China was in 1982 on a three-week tour. My, how things have changed!
Bud K.

Very slick, very professional, good presentation.
Stuart W.

Thanks for taking me to China. I read a lot, but seeing what interests me through your lens really brings it to life. I bought my first Chinese stock in 1999. I enjoy your analysis and so far you’re making me money.
Jeanne S.

Absolutely marvelous presentation. I have been reading your advice and investing in China for about a year and this just confirmed to me that I was correct in trusting you.
Lansing M.

An incredible movie on China! This movie truly brings to life so much of what Steve has been saying about China over the years. I highly recommend the movie to all who want a deeper understanding of the ongoing transformation and resulting opportunities in China.
Mark D.

Love the movie - extremely informative. I have a whole new respect and viewpoint of China's economy. My husband makes fun of my China Stock Picks - and was skeptical that I even looked at Chinese stocks, but has changed his mind after this movie.
Mauri K.

Excellent job on this movie. Truly viewpoint changing. I will never view China through the eyes of our press again. It was a 180 for me. Well done.
Ken K.

A first rate movie! I’m going to watch it again for sure. In 1949 I, along with my mom and two siblings, escaped on the last boat out of Shanghai before it fell to the Communists. After ‘retirement’ as Vice President for a Fortune 500, I moved to Beijing to reconnect with my roots and study Chinese. A year turned into a decade, and I was there from 2000-2010. In Chinese there’s a 4-character phrase that translates into The sky and Earth change places which is used to describe the transformation that took place in that decade. As you stressed in the movie, one has to see China to believe it. This movie certainly helps to increase the understanding of ‘China today’ vs. whatever outdated stereotypes so many Americans still hold. I will be sharing this movie with my son and daughter and two teenage grandchildren.
Dinah L.

WOW! You hit the nail on the head with your statement regarding perception is reality. I have had a huge reality check by watching your movie. I am now much more educated on the opportunities, growth and true capitalism that China is experiencing.
Lisa P.

New Money gave me some truly unique insight into modern day China and how advanced they are and how things are changing so rapidly. It makes sense because they have a one-party government that can get things done quickly and billions of people migrating to the cities for opportunities and improved lifestyle. It just makes me realize that the US is antiquated with a government that can't get out of its own way. Just look at our roads, trains, airports and the bureaucracy in order to get anything done. Still love the US because of our freedom, but China is without a doubt the next superpower, sooner that I imagined it would be.
Patricia S.

Thank you for producing this movie. It should change many people’s perception of China. The cashless transformation is just incredible, I wish more North Americans can experience this in the next few years. Keep up the good work!
Bernard H.

A fascinating movie. I knew China was progressing at a fast pace but I was amazed how much further ahead they are with technology.
Graeme T.

It is incredible what China has achieved. Autocratic capitalism is a good term. I am encouraging my son and his wife to take an international assignment in Hong Kong, this is clearly where the economic future will grow fastest.
Paul S.

Wow, it’s amazing what China is doing! I have to agree with you as I am currently based in Hong Kong and what you say in the movie is absolutely true.
Nana L.

This movie was phenomenal!
Nancy S.

Great wake-up call on China
Daniel G.

I enjoyed the movie very much.
Dave H.

Hello Steve, a vast difference to when I visited China in 1948. I was on an English ship discharging coal in Shanghai. I have visited China many times since and watched them progress from Mao suits to miniskirts. I thoroughly enjoyed Your film and found it most interesting. I am showing my Anglo-Chinese grandchildren the film tonight in preparation for their summer holiday to China.
Dawson, G.

I just finished watching New Money and it far exceeded expectations. It was interesting, informative, and very professionally produced. A big thank you for making such a cool and eye-opening documentary.
Edward B.

Perhaps the best 69 minutes I’ve ever spent. Many thanks!
John B.

As a pilot, I flew to shanghai and other parts of China on a regular basis. You are correct, most Americans have no clue on what is going on in China. American airports and shopping cannot compare to the elite cities In China. We are a nation in huge trouble and the media is a propaganda machine, bought and paid for. Keep up the good work!
Paul M., Recently Retired Pilot

Since living in China 20 years ago, I’ve been telling my friends here in the US, There must be communists somewhere in China, but I’ve never met one. Everyone I’ve met in China seems to have capitalism in their DNA. Thank you for this enlightening documentary and, most importantly, thanks for explaining how to tap into the income and wealth building opportunities there.
Rich B.

Your movie was wonderfully done and very informative. You have accomplished what you wanted to do in a beautiful way. Thank you!
Jack G.

I really enjoyed watching the movie and learned so much about China. Talk about growing and becoming a powerhouse of the future. Wow! I’ll stick with the investments you have recommended, and I look forward to taking a trip to China again maybe even with your group. Great info! Thanks again.
Penny H.

This was well worth the price, very well produced and good content.
Mike K.

The movie was a class act.
Clinton L.

Thank you for showing this beautiful movie. It was amazing to see China’s growth. The big companies are all there. China is huge, lively, and its people are vibrant. The infrastructure is amazing. Everything is so coordinated and well-built. There is a magic in their hands. I will surely be watching this movie again soon!
Upkar S.

Great documentary… It’s hard to believe that the Chinese move that fast in development… And equally hard to believe how wrong the US mainstream media is about this story!
Ron B.

Thank you so much for your eye-opening documentary, it was done in such a professional and well-researched manner!
Noel H.

This movie is so perfect! It mirrors my personal experience of China and it added tremendous statistics to enhance understanding of the great opportunity there now. Thank you. I am going to have all my friends order up this film and join us on Thursday night. Thanks so much for investing your time and energy in this movie. It’s priceless and I think everyone should see this…for many American reasons!
Therese K.

YOUR FANTASTIC FILM CAUSED MY JAW TO DROP WIDE OPEN!!!!! It was nothing short of breathtaking! I can truly say that Steve Sjuggerud is indeed my knowledgeable, relied upon China investment expert.

Absolutely incredible!
Clifton C.